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 Inspiring Academic Excellence and Christian Service

St. Paul Lutheran High School is a private high school that offers a Christ-centered education to students. At SPLHS, students are encouraged to excel academically and grow in their faith as they prepare for a life of service as Christian disciples. This school creates an environment where students can thrive both in their studies and in their walk with God.

St. Paul Lutheran High School provides a faith-based education emphasizing academic excellence and spiritual growth.
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SPLHS provides individualized, faith-based education with sports, clubs, and scholarships to help students succeed.
  • Quality & Christ-centered education

  • 13:1 Student teacher ratio

  • 75% of students play at least one sport

  • More than 80% of students belong to a team, club or organization

  • Over $700,000 in scholarships awarded to the class of 2023

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"As God's chosen people, we live in community with each other and serve our community around us."

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Your support is making a difference as the demand for Christian education grows.

Changing lives one gift at a time!

God has been moving in our community, and we are seeing a growing demand for Christian education in the area. Our vision is to continue to elevate the educational experience for St. Paul Lutheran High School, while still keeping Christian values at the forefront. We are grateful to each of you for every past and future gift to our school! Your kindness is changing lives, and you're personally making a huge impact! There is no gift too small, and nothing God cannot bless beyond measure.

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