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God has been moving in our community, and we are seeing a growing demand for Christian education in the area. Our vision is to continue to elevate the educational experience for St. Paul Lutheran High School, while still keeping Christian values at the forefront. We are grateful to each of you for every past and future gift to our school! Your kindness is changing lives, and you're personally making a huge impact! There is no gift too small, and nothing God cannot bless beyond measure.

Because of you...

Your support and generosity over the last eleven years has played a vital role in the success of SPLHS. You have transformed the lives of students in immense ways! We've been able to purchase a larger campus, complete two renovations to keep up with our growth, expand our faculty, and fund an annual tuition assistance program. We cannot thank you enough for the direct impact you have made to the success of our school!


Our present...

Currently, we have specific needs that your contribution to Every Gift Matters would support. We are working to fully fund our 2023-2024 needs-based Tuition Assistance Program, allow for a full-time administrator, expand the faculty, add a part-time janitor, and increase our current teacher salary base.


Our future...

Because of growing community demand, it is time to find our permanent home. SPLHS is working to secure a campus location that can support all current and future academics, arts, athletics, and student life needs onsite. The forward-thinking design of the new high school building and athletic fields will grow with us, to fully serve the needs of this community and leave a legacy that will serve our area for years to come.

Our Story! His Glory!


St Paul High has a great story of how God uses a community of believers for His purpose. The vision for the future of the school is greater than its individual parts and will make an eternal impact on this area


Please prayerfully consider how you can help fuel this mission.

3 Simple Ways to Give:

(1) Click the link below

(2) In person at SPLHS

(3) Send gift to SPLHS by mail

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